Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Sad news and something gross...

Purrs, headbutts, and sandpaper kisses to Zuleme and the kitties at Caturday. Silas will be missed.


Well, I have to tell everyone about what happened to my big brother, Knightly. As was told last week, Knightly had to have his teeth cleaned and the evil vet found a problem - a cavity. So, he had to have a tooth removed. This was bad for him in a couple of ways. First, he was in some pain, but evil vet did send home something called pain medicine to help with that. She also sent some other medicine called ant-eye-by-ah-tiks for him. Since I have never been on any kind of medicine, I don't know what it's like to have a pill shoved down my throat 2 times a day, but it really doesn't look fun. Those ant-eye-by-ah-tiks cause another problem...a litter box problem. The litter box has been more smelly than usual, and Knightly doesn't hide what he has done in the litter box like Lizzie and I do. Knightly has not had dingleberries, but he has managed to step in a smelly spot while doing his business. He didn't have a butt bath like Edsel's sister, but more of a back leg and belly rinse. He howled at Mum while she was cleaning up, and me being the good sister that I am, I had to watch while sitting on the lid of the human litterbowl. Mum also noticed that he got some spots all over the bathtub and the wall. She says she may have to repaint that part of the wall.

All of us will be glad when Knightly finishes those ant-eye-by-ah-tiks tomorrow.

Friday, April 21, 2006

Letter to Mom

we have tried to be patient. You are not allowed to let the food bin to get as low as this -->
But, you seem to keep forgetting certain lessons.
You must go to the store and get more food TODAY! Do NOT wait any longer!

Lizzie & Firenze

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Not good...


Mom got out the carrier thingy today. This is not a good sign. Dental work was mentioned when she brought it out of the closet. She says that since I am the oldest, I have to have my teeth cleaned first. The only good thing about it is that the girls will have to have their teeth cleaned too at some point. She also mentioned something about me getting chipped. I am not sure what she means, but she said she wanted to wait to have it done while I am sedated. If she thinks that the evil vet is going to get anywhere near me with a needle, she's got another thing coming. I have been extra good here so that I can be extra bad at the vet. (Mom: he'll be microchipped while he's out for the cleaning)

Note from Mom:
Thanks for all of the purrs, headbutts, and good wishes. There is nothing more soothing than having a purring cat (or three) snuggled with you. The rest of the weekend was much better than Friday and yesterday, the engine light in the car went off. And, I will get the stitches taken out on Monday. I just won't talk about the program.... ~Amy

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Mom's Bad Day


Our Mom had a bad day, yesterday. It started off with her sleeping too late. This isn't a big deal in that her job is very flexible and she can even work from home (and we love it when she does). This is where it would be helpful for her to let us sleep with her at night. So what if we would wake her up 20 times a night. She would definitely be up by 6 am when we start pawing at her to get our breakfast.

Then while she was at work, she had big problems with a program she has to work on. She can't get it to work right and so she missed her deadline. That means that she will have to work on it this weekend. Part of the reason that she missed her deadline was that she hurt her hand. Mom says she was frustrated with her program; so, she needed a break and went for a walk with her co-worker. While they were walking, Mom fell, landed on her hand, and cut it open. She had to go to the bean vet to have them look at it. She said that the bean vet made her hand not hurt so much and got out lots of road dirt. Then, she got 5 steeches. We're not sure what those are, but it sounds like they put string in her hand to tie up the cut. String is to play with, not hold skin together - what was that bean vet thinking? We did have to do a thorough sniff of her hand as it smelled funny. Here's a picture of her hurt hand.

She spent a few hours at the bean vet which made her late coming home to feed us. It also made her late going to a baseball game with Finnegan & Buddy's Mom. She got there after the game had already started and used her cell phone to call their mom so she could get in. But, she was calling the wrong number; so she never got to talk to their Mom. She decided to come back home and on the way, the car's enjun light came on. We're not sure what that means, but she says she will have to watch it and see if it turns off. If it goes back off, then she won't have to take it to the car fixer.

Mom decided to lay on the sofa and watch some Grey's Anatomy. So, the 3 of us curled up on her and started purring to make her feel better and she really liked that. We hope your beans had a better day than our Mom.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Presents for me!

Boni is my Secret Paw!! The mail guy didn't put a note in our box again, so my present sat in the office for a few days. But, I have some great presents now!!!

Here I am smelling the package.

I had to get Mum to use her opposuble thumbs to help me open it.

What's this wrapped thing....

A purple mousie!

And there is a lobster! I have heard that real live dead lobster is very tasty but Mum doesn't like it so we don't get any.

And the best of all is NIP!! Ahem, Lizzie, that's my nip!

Now, I put my rub all over the box because it smells soooooooooo goooooooddd.

Oh mousie, I will rub you too!

THANK YOU Boni!!! I love my presents!


Saturday, April 08, 2006

The Shoe Fetish


I confess, I lovelovelovelove Mum's shoes - especially after she has worn them all day. Does anyone else like your beans' shoes?

Ooohhh, Mum took off her shoes! I love it when she leaves them lying around the apartment.

Let me just get a good whiff of the shoe....

Aaahhhhh, I love this shoe!

I think that I will just sleep right here....

And, look who we caught hanging out in the carrier!

Knightly: I had to see what you and Lizzie liked about it and it the added benefit of kicking Lizzie out. And, I got out only a couple of minutes after getting in. I still think you are weird.

Lizzie: Uh-huh, sure...we really believe you.

Knightly: That's my story and I am sticking to it!

Monday, April 03, 2006

The Weird Sisters*


Thanks for all of the birthday wishes - I got a whole can of Salmon stinky goodness for breakfast and treats all day long!

Now, onto today's topic. My sisters are getting strange as they "mature". Lizzie has started letting Mom rub her tummy. Firenze has always been weird and an attention whore (I'm not sure what that is, but Mom calls her that), but now they are spending a lot of time in the carrier thingy. Mom has been lazy and hasn't put it away from when she took us to the vet a couple of weeks ago. So it has been sitting on our bed in "Mom's office."

First, Firenze started hanging out and taking naps in it.

Then, one day, I saw Lizzie going in the carrier thingy and booting Firenze out.

Now, I am all for taking over a comfy spot (like Dolce), but the carrier thingy? Come on! What are they thinking?!? Mom doesn't need to have it easy when it comes time to put one of us in there.

But, here's the evidence that Lizzie is doing it too:

Sigh, I have tried to teach them how to be cats, but they just don't follow a good example. Mom has even been reading Max's book to us and they still don't get it!

I guess there's no hope for them now.

*We (and this includes our Mom) are not related to JK Rowling and are not trying to infringe on any copyrights. Mom is a huge Harry Potter fan and has forced us to endure listening to the Hary Potter audiobooks and seeing the movies countless times. I will also state that if you have read the above post, you will understand that my sisters are weird. ~Knightly