Saturday, October 29, 2005

Lazy day

Mom got a new "card" for her camera and had to play with it. She wanted to see how it would do before she goes to a friend's wedding in Jamaica. Mom said we couldn't go but that our very nice petsitter would come visit us while she is gone. Where is Jamaica?

Firenze watches the geese out of the window. This is our favorite window in the apartment since the bed is right next to it; this way we can alternate between napping and birdwatching with out moving too much.

Here is Firenze snoozing away just a little later.

And here is Lizzie being the Pillow Princess and I am just hanging out while Mom is on the 'puter.

We hope that y'all have lazy days too.


Wednesday, October 19, 2005


Lizzie here, I got Mom to help me post some other pictures of us.

This one is of Knightly on the balcony. He likes to chew on Mom's plants which makes her rather unhappy, especially when he throws up the leaves afterwards. He is named after a character from the book Emma by Jane Austen (she is one of Mom's favorite writers). Mom's nicknames for him are Handsome and if she's mad at him, Fat B... (she says think of Austin Powers 2).

This is Knightly when he had to wear his elizabethan collar. He has some hot spots because of his asthma/allergies and he wouldn't stop licking one of them. So Mom took him to the poking place and he was one very ticked off cat when the vet put that on him. Mom's co-workers called it his satellite dish.

Me, the beautiful Lizzie. I was the first tuxedo cat that Mom got. She got me from a humane shelter when I was 7 weeks old because I am sooooo cute. I am named after Elizabeth Bennet from Pride and Prejudice which is one of Mom's all time favorite books. Her nicknames for me are Lizzie girl, Pillow Princess, and Sun Goddess. The top of refrigerator is my favorite place especially when Mom is putting up the groceries

And this is Firenze. Mom got her from a former co-worker that found her trying to climb into the dryer vent one very cold January. The co-worker was going to take her to the pound but Mom said that she would bring Firenze to stay with us. I didn't mind it too much, but Knightly was ticked off at Mom for a good 8-9 months. He really likes me but just tolerates Firenze. Mom named her after a character from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone - did you notice the literary theme here? Mom's nicknames for her are Pretty girl, Spawn of the Devil, and Little Sh_t.

I hope you enjoy the pictures. Mom still has more to upload from her camara.


Monday, October 17, 2005


Well, let us introduce ourselves. We are Knightly, Lizzie and Firenze aka the Monsters! Mom calls us that since we like to get into trouble. She has other nicknames for us as well but we won't mention those just yet.

This is our first foray into the world of computers. We though that we would try it since we see Mom on the 'puter all the time. We will get her to post pictures soon and to make the site look cool.

Well, it's time for supper so we need to go remind Mom. Thanks for reading our blog!

The Monsters: Knightly, Lizzie, and Firenze