Friday, July 15, 2011

It's been so long...

Hi! It's the Monsters' Human here. Now that I have figured out how to log back in, I wanted to give a brief update.

In December 2009, we moved to a neighboring city and into a townhouse. It has a wonderful set of stairs that the kitties love to sprint up and down. As they are all over the age of 10 and are senior citizens, they have napping down to an art after a few laps on the stairs. They are enjoying the house and have made it their own.

The sad news is that Lizzie is no longer with us. In April she started refusing to eat and was taking extended naps. So, I took her into the sweet kitteh only vet near us and some bloodwork showed some weird stuff. So then I took her to the critical care vet and unfortunately they found a few lumps along with the weird bloodwork. There wasn't really anything that could be done, so I took brought her back home for a couple of days and then had to help her to the Rainbow Bridge. We all miss her so much, but we know that she is waiting for us in a better place.

We hope that all of our friends in the computer are doing well!

Amy, the Monsters' Mom