Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Does this...

...picture make me look fat?

Knightly and I were taking a nap together and Mom had to take a picture. Some of the others were not as good as this one.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very nice picture! Me n' Meep get along okay, but I couldn't imagine cuddlin' together like that. You two are very lucky!
Buzzerbee & meep

November 02, 2005 9:48 PM  
Blogger Oreo said...

Nah, not fat! Like I told Utenzi on my blog we get the extra fur in the winter & a tiny little layer of blubber to keep us warm. We are NOT FAT!!!

November 03, 2005 8:39 AM  
Blogger Gigolo Kitty said...

Kitties Are NEVER Fat! We Are Rubenesque!

Besides, Regency Dames Had CURVES, Unlike The Demented Stick Insects Of Today!

November 04, 2005 6:37 PM  
Blogger Scooby, Shaggy & Scout said...

Yeah Gigolo Kitty!!!
The picture only makes you look extra pettable!

November 05, 2005 1:39 PM  
Blogger Boni said...

No, you don't look fat Lizzie. Curling up just makes us kitties look more fluffy and cuddly. That's a real nice picture of you and Knightly. :)

November 06, 2005 1:51 AM  
Blogger Ayla said...

You don't look fat. When I curl up like that, The Mom calls it the "Ayla Ball." If you were fat, you wouldn't be able to curl up that far.

November 07, 2005 10:34 AM  
Blogger Knightly, Lizzie, & Firenze said...

I like the word Rubenesque! I will have to mention that to the evil vet on Weds when I go in for my evil rabies shot. Thanks for all of the compliments; Knightly is good to nap with. --Lizzie

November 08, 2005 4:25 PM  
Blogger George, Tipper, Max & Misty said...

Heavens, if I didn't know better I'd almost think this was a picture of me a Maxie! But we've never been to NC.

The Crew

November 17, 2005 11:02 AM  
Blogger lin said...


May 13, 2010 9:40 AM  

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